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A method of remote diagnostics of plants was created in MSU

A method of remote diagnostics of plants was created in MSU

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Date : Sep 01, 2017 07:04 PM

The trees condition can be estimated with the use of reflected light

Researchers of the Faculty of Biology in the Moscow State University (MSU) have created a method allowing to appraise plants condition from the spectrum of reflected light. Reflected light makes it possible to determine the amount of flavonoids contained in the leaves — phenolic compounds that play a role in protecting plants from adverse conditions and pests, Alexei Solovchenko, Professor of the Department of Bioengineering, told. The researchers used an information on plant leaves in different conditions.

«The light reflected by the plants carries a lot of useful information. For instance, the effectiveness of photosynthesis and other important parameters of their state. At the same time, it is rather difficult to extract information reflected by plants», the MSU press service explained. It was found out that a narrow band with a wavelength of 400-430 nm (newton meter) of the reflected spectrum may be used to estimate the plants` condition. Besides, scientists found a way to exclude the influence of pigments from the spectrum, that are not important for estimation.

In the future, the method can be used to estimate the state of forests and plantations using space probes, aircrafts and unmanned vehicles. Results of the research are published in Journal of plant physiology.

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