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A new electrobus is tested in Moscow

A new electrobus is tested in Moscow

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Photo: «Rostec»

Date : Sep 08, 2017 02:40 PM

The capital intends to switch to electric buses within 4 years

KAMAZ , Kama Automobile Plant and a part of «Rostec» corporation, gave for testing a second-generation electrobus to the Moscow authorities. The new electrobus’ driving distance is 70 km and its batteries are charged for 20 minutes.

The electric bus will be tested for about two months in Moscow, the press service of the KAMAZ plant told.

The charging station is also will be tested. The first generation model has already been tested in 2015, the second generation of electric buses has a new interior and lithium-titanate storage batteries. «The battery cycle life is 20 thousand of full charge-discharge,» representative of the KAMAZ plant explained.

It will be recalled that according to the Moscow authorities, the capital will buy only electrobuses since 2021. Within a few months the government will submit the terms of reference for the producers. After that the first electric buses purchase tender for the transport companies needs will be announced.

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