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Ancient bacteria in permafrost are resistant to antibiotics

Ancient bacteria in permafrost are resistant to antibiotics

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Date : Oct 23, 2017 08:24 PM

The bacteria study will help create antibacterial agents

The international research group, which includes scientists from the Moscow State University (MSU), came to the conclusion that some bacteria in the Siberian permafrost are resistant to antibiotics. These bacteria properties need to be studied in order to avoid surprises when territories with permafrost will decrease.

The scientists isolated and cultivated two bacterial strains from permafrost that was obtained at Mammoth Mountain in Siberia and attributed to the Middle Miocene.

«Microorganisms are an integral part of the permafrost. Their properties, role and significance, including in geological processes, are poorly understood», the MSU press service explained. In the course of time, the evidence that some bacteria in permafrost retain their ability to grow appears more and more.

«It turned out that the studied ancient microorganisms are resistant to antibiotics. This means that resistance to antibiotics has appeared in bacteria long before large-scale human use of such drugs. Permafrost is shrinking, the emergence of bacteria encased in permafrost in the modern biosphere can bring us surprises», the MSU representative said.

The study also involved scientists from the Karolinska Institute and the Earth Cryosphere Institute (Tyumen).

The study results are published in Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease.

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