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Diamonds grow with unique speed in systems with magnesium

Diamonds grow with unique speed in systems with magnesium

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Date : Oct 18, 2017 05:37 PM

The mineral has prospects in the quantum technologies development

Scientists from the V. S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy (Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences) study diamonds as a promising material for quantum technologies. They have revealed that in systems with magnesium diamonds can grow at a unique high speed up to 8.5 millimeters per hour, crystallizing in the form of colorless cubic crystals.

Besides, silicon and germanium atoms can be embedded in diamond cell structure forming  silicon-vacancy and germanium-vacancy defect-impurity centers. These centers should serve to develop a new direction of science and technology related to the creation of computing devices that operate on quantum mechanical principles.

Russian scientists in collaboration with colleagues from Germany and the United States have already begun a detailed study of germanium-vacancy centers (GeV). The results of the study are published in Physical Review.

Interestingly, after detailed spectroscopic studies of GeV centers in diamond, researchers have revealed that alongside with unique optical characteristics, these centers possess a nonzero electron spin — the intrinsic moment of electron momentum. Due to this, there is possibility to monitor the electronic state of GeV centers with the help of magnetic fields and microwave radiation.

Experiments have shown that GeV may be used as quantum memory cells, so it is a key element for the large-scale quantum networks implementation.

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