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Photo: Technical University of Munich

Date : Aug 22, 2017 12:32 PM

The concept was created by scientists from Europe, East and West Africa

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will present the concept of an electric vehicle (EV) for African countries. Cross-functional EV was tested and at the first stage it will be produced at an European enterprise.

According to the TUM press service, the car will be shown a month later at the car show in Frankfurt. The electric vehicle has a modular design, designed for the transport of goods and passengers. Its total carrying capacity is about one ton.

The concept is called «aCar» and was created about four years with the participation of other German universities, commercial partners and universities in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana. The researchers were aimed to provide the rural population with inexpensive vehicles that would allow transportation of agricultural products and access to social goods. The population of rural areas in African countries is moving to the capital precisely because of the inaccessibility in the African village of education and medicine, explained at the University of Munich.

Rural men need a four-wheel drive car, maintenance-free, with the lowest price. So, scientists chosen the electric drive, because it is less demanding of maintenance, — Martin Sholtes, the University representative explained. The car may be assembled with conventional tools without modern technologies. Designers preferred bolted connections in the EV construction. As a result, researchers expect that the cost of an electric vehicle will not exceed 10 thousand euros.

ACar was tested in Ghana. The university claims that the concept of the EV fully meets the needs of African rural men.

The electromobile batteries can provide a journey for a distance of 80 kilometers. Modular design allows to install in the load box agricultural or medical equipment. At the first stage, the Evum Motors company will produce aCars. Later, according to representatives of the university, the assembly can be moved to African countries.

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