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Genghis Khan’s descendants were found in Yakutia

Genghis Khan’s descendants were found in Yakutia

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Date : Oct 24, 2017 04:48 PM

Genetic scientists first received data on the ancient DNA of the local population

Scientists managed to gather information on genetic history of Yakutia indigenous people — the Yukagirs, the Evenkis, the Evens, the Yakuts, the Dolgans. Information on ancient DNA was obtained on the basis of analysis of material from the burials of the Middle Ages and late Neolithic in Yakutia.

Specialists of the Yakutsk Scientific Center for Complex Medical Problems together with colleagues from The Estonian Biocentre and the Toulouse University (France) proved that the Yakutia peoples are genetically the closest to the peoples of Southern Siberia — the Tuvans, the Buryats, the Altay, the Khakas, the Tofalars, the Mongols.

Population of Yakutia occurred mainly from the regions of “Zabaikalye” (a part of the Republic of Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai) and “Pribaikalye” (an area adjacent to Baikal of the Irkutsk region). The Yakuts` ancestors come from the Eastern Sayan region and lived for some time in the Lake Baikal area before migrating north.

The research contributed to the solution of the ethnogenesis controversial issues. Judging by the genetic gap between the inhabitants of Yakutia and neighboring Chukotka and Kamchatka, for instance, the peoples of Yakutia and the extreme Northeast of Eurasia lived isolated from each other for 3-4 thousand years. Also, genetic arguments have been obtained in favor of the hypothesis of a relatively recent appearance of the Tungus in the territory of Yakutia. Beyond that, the Evenkis have a haplotype of Genghis Khan.

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