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Hafnium oxide production is started in Udmurtia

Hafnium oxide production is started in Udmurtia

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Date : Dec 28, 2017 11:39 PM

Specialists came up with how to produce a new commercial product from industrial waste

At the Chepetskiy Mechanical Plant (the Udmurtian Republic) for the first time in Russia, the production of hafnium was organized. The technology is unique, because hydrometallurgical waste produced by reactor zirconium are the raw materials for the production of a new commercial product.

Full hafnium production technological cycle, from the opening of zirconium ore with subsequent purification from zirconium and impurity elements to finished products with a main substance content of not less than 99%, is created.

In 2017, a powder of purified hafnium oxide is already produced with this technology and sold for more than 1 million rubles.

The new high-tech product is used to produce oxygen-free compounds (carbides, borides, nitrides) that are used in the production of hard, wear-resistant coatings for heat-loaded components and aerospace components, high-speed processing tools and high-temperature composite materials.

In addition, hafnium is used in the manufacture of special glass grades for optical fiber products, as a film-forming material in optical production. Stabilized with yttrium, hafnium oxide is suitable for obtaining thermal barrier coatings in the production of special purpose products.


Chepetsky Mechanical Plant is a joint stock company belonging to TVEL Corporation – the part of Nuclear Power Federal Agency.

Chepetsky Mechanical Plant is one of the largest enterprises in Ural region and is a producer of the world high standards. ChMP maintains and develops cooperation with many big enterprises of nuclear, chemical metallurgical and machine building industries in Russia and abroad.

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