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Kazakhstan will supply fuel for NPP in the United Arab Emirates

Kazakhstan will supply fuel for NPP in the United Arab Emirates

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Date : Sep 12, 2017 10:03 AM

China will co-finance a fuel-fabrication plant construction

«Kazatomprom» and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation have agreed on nuclear fuel supplies, Kazakhstan mass media reports.

The start of fuel assemblies production for nuclear power plants is scheduled for 2018. The construction facility is being built on the Ulba Metallurgical Plant basis in the East Kazakhstan region. Ulba Metallurgical Plant (a Kazatomprom’s sub-company) and CGN-URC (a China General Nuclear Power Group’s sub-company) are founders of Ul’ba-TVS joint venture.

The preliminary cost of the fuel-fabrication plant with a capacity of 200 tons of products per year is 49 billion tenge (about $145 million). Its construction is financed in accordance with the shares of the founders.

The fuel pellets purchase for Chinese NPPs is expected to be conducted from 2020 to 2038. The supply scope is determined: from 50 tU in tablets in the first production year, to 225 tU per year at the final stage of plant operation.


«Kazatompom» is the national operator of Kazakhstan for import and export of uranium, rare- and rare-earth metals, and nuclear fuel components for power plants.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is the entity responsible for the deployment, ownership and operation of nuclear energy plants in the United Arab Emirates.

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