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MSU researchers found algae with the ability to clean wastewater under a Nordic climate

MSU researchers found algae with the ability to clean wastewater under a Nordic climate

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Date : Aug 29, 2017 01:59 PM

Finnish companies are interested in this technology

Researchers from the Moscow State University (MSU) and the University of Turku found microalgae, which can clean wastewater at low temperatures. Later, the discovery can help to create bio-systems for wastewater treatment. Biofuel can become a by-product of a treatment.

Microalgae grow at an optimum temperature for them. It happens in modern bioplants for the effluents treatment. In the northern territories, creating such conditions is expensive, the MSU press service told. For the first time researchers proposed to adapt the technology to climate.

Scientists used the Chlorella vulgaris microalgae strain, which lives in water in some parts of Finland. The microalgae successfully removed phosphorus and nitrogen from the wastewater at a temperature of about 10°C (50° F). «We have isolated the most promising organisms from treatment plants and adjacent territories. It’s funny that in our work the alga from the collection of northern species showed itself well. But the «wild» algal community from the wastewaters proved itself good too», Alexei Solovchenko, one of the researchers, told.

Algae from bioplants can serve as raw materials for the biofuel production, the MSU press service explained. Although their initial parameters do not meet the standards set in the EU for raw materials, biofuels can be synthesized with various additives. For example, with the antioxidants.

Results of the study are published in Algal research.

The study involved «Clewer» Finnish company representatives. This company specialize in the cleaning technologies creation.

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