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Multicopter with a record flying range is created in Novosibirsk

Multicopter with a record flying range is created in Novosibirsk

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Photo: Optiplein Unmanned Systems

Date : Aug 24, 2017 12:32 PM

Device is intended to monitor forests and farmlands

The Novosibirsk company «Optiplein Unmanned Systems» began the production of an unmanned vehicle, which can fly at record long distance for its weight. The company has achieved such characteristic due to using of a hybrid — helicopter-aircraft design.

The convertiplane is called Colibri S2. Its weight is about five kilograms and the flight range is about 50 kilometers. The characteristics of the unmanned vehicle may be called record for serial devices. The flight range of other vehicles with a similar weight — is about 30 kilometers, explained in the «Rosnano» press service.

Colibri S2 has three engines, can build up speed up to 65 kilometers per hour and hover above the target point. «Flight characteristics are achieved due to the aerodynamic balance of the aircraft part providing speed and range, and helicopter part controlling the vehicle’s hovering and maneuverability», the head of the «Optiplein unmanned systems» Kirill Yakovenko said. The company claims that the multi-copter overflights area is five times higher than that of other devices

Colibri S2 can be used to monitor large forest areas, communication lines and farmlands.

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