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Neutrino detector RED-100 will be installed at Kalininskaya NPP

Neutrino detector RED-100 will be installed at Kalininskaya NPP

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Date : Aug 12, 2017 07:59 PM

The device will probably be used to control the non-proliferation of weapons

Neutrino detector RED-100 (Russian Emission Detector), created by the researchers of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (MEPhI) and the Kurchatov Institute, will be installed at the Kalininskaya NPP (nuclear power plant) in Tver region. Scientists expect to study in detail the recently discovered quantum effect and to investigate the possibility of using detectors to monitor NPP.

RED was originally planned to use in the study of the coherent elastic scattering with nuclei neutrino — interaction between neutrinos and nuclei. The detector was not sent to a US laboratory, where a suitable accelerating installation is located because of reasons beyond of research.

«Application of a simpler detector was used to register neutrinos. That led to the observation of the effect», — the MEPhI said.

«Nevertheless, RED will be used for scientific and practical purposes», — the MEPhI scientists explained. Having installed the detector at NPP, researchers expect to find out how electronic antineutrinos interact with а matter. The installation in the US laboratory practically does not generate electronic antineutrinos, and researchers can advance in the study of particle interaction.

In future this installation can be used to control NPP abroad, it will allow to avoid the proliferation of nuclear weapons. «Let’s say the Russian government has agreed to build a nuclear power plant in another country. We deliver fuel there and take away the spent fuel. In this case, the party, operating NPP undertakes not to touch nuclear fuel. Until now, we had no choice but to believe every word. But today we can imagine that with the help of the neutrino detector it is possible to monitor the content of plutonium accumulating in the spent fuel», — Alexander Bolozdyony, professor and the representative of the MEPhI explained.

The development of monitoring technology is controlled by the IAEA.

In the US, meanwhile, a mobile unit with compact detectors is tested. It can also be used to control the non-proliferation of weapons.

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