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New concentrate on the «Skulachev ions» basis is created by the MSU scientists

New concentrate on the «Skulachev ions» basis is created by the MSU scientists

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Date : Nov 17, 2017 04:44 PM

The substance improves the skin regenerative properties

Researchers from the Moscow State University (MSU) have found a use for antioxidant which was created by them. The scientists have prepared a concentrate on the «Skulachev ions» (SkQ) basis which may later be used in the cosmetic industry.

The antioxidant SQ1 was created at the MSU several years ago and is now used in medicines to combat diseases and age-related changes in the eyes. Tests showed that SQ1 improves the skin regenerative properties. According to the University press service, the gel is prepared for the local application and the cosmetic concentrate was being tested with the participation of volunteers.

«Compatibility and stability of components for long-term storage presents a serious problem when creating new cosmetic and medical products», Maxim Skulachev, the deputy scientific director explained.

Researchers from the MSU are working on the practical use of mitochondrial antioxidants for about 15 years. The discoveries that served as the theoretical basis for the SQ1 creation were made in the laboratory of Academician Vladimir Skulachev in the late 1960s and in the first half of the 1970s. Scientists believe that the aging of the body can be slowed by neutralizing the active forms of oxygen that are produced in the mitochondria of cells. SQ1 molecules contain triphenylphosphonium, which is informally referred to as the «Skulachev ion» — a substance capable of delivering an antioxidant attached to it in the mitochondria.

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