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Numerical model will predict the consequences of the falling meteorite

Numerical model will predict the consequences of the falling meteorite

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Date : Aug 25, 2017 02:29 AM

Russian scientists can know in advance the area of the destruction zone, the amplitude of disturbances and the size of the crater

Nowadays astronomers track most of the large space bodies, whose diameter is measured in kilometers. It is possible to predict their fall long before approaching the Earth. But even the most powerful telescopes can not quickly «detect» small objects. Whereas, a meteorite a little less than 100 meters in diameter similar to the Tunguska meteorite, is capable of destroying a large metropolis.

Scientists from the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia) have developed a set of numerical models that can be used to estimate the consequences of cosmic bodies over 30 meters in size falling to the Earth. This applies to all «guests from space», which hypothetically can bring us destruction.

«We can predict the shock wave characteristics, the size of the destruction zone and mass fires, the amplitude of ionospheric disturbances, the size of the crater», said Valery Shuvalov, the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Geophysical Processes in the Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS.

The publication in Planetary and Space Science will help to specify the details of the scientific work carried out with the support of the Russian Science Foundation.

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