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«Ruselectronics» will start laptop production for security forces

«Ruselectronics» will start laptop production for security forces

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Photo: «Rostec» press service

Date : Nov 02, 2017 06:59 PM

The laptop can operate in worst-case military conditions

«Ruselectronics» holding company, which is a part of «Rostec» corporation, intends to produce the first batch of laptops for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Laptop components are planned to be created in Russia.

Computers for the security forces are designed to operate in field conditions at temperatures from -40 °C (-40 ℉) to +50 °C (122 ℉), the «Rostec» representative told. The first batch laptops have 15.6 inches display. The kit includes a vibration-absorbing laptop cradle and a waterproof case.

After the release of the trial series, the holding intends to manufacture parts of housings and keyboards and establish a line for applying protective coatings on aluminum parts.

The laptop will operate on Astra Linux OS, that was created by Russian specialists for the needs of defense agencies. The devices will be equipped by hardware security modules against unauthorized access to information.



«Ruselectronics» is a Russian state-owned holding company founded in 1997. It is fully owned by «Rostec». The company integrates the electronics sector companies focused on designing and producing electronic materials, equipment, semiconductor products and microwave technologies. The Holding company was established in the beginning of 2009 on the basis of the holding that was created in 1997.

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