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Russia and Arab Emirates may establish a cosmonauts’ training center

Russia and Arab Emirates may establish a cosmonauts’ training center

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Photo: the United Arab Emirates Space Agency

Date : Sep 25, 2017 08:40 PM

The center establishing in the UAE is being discussed

The Roscosmos State Corporation and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency are negotiating about the possible participation of Russian scientists and cosmonauts in creating a training center for astronauts in the UAE.

Discussion of the possibilities took place on the first day of the astronautical congress in Australia, the «Roscosmos» press service told. Among other things, it was a question of technologies of selection and training of national cosmonauts and the organizing possibility of an astronaut flight of the United Arab Emirates to the International Space Station (ISS).

Sergey Krikalev, director of manned space programs at «Rosсosmos», told reporters during the congress that the UAE was interested in training cosmonauts and not in sending space tourists to the ISS. The parties discussed the possibility of performing scientific research on board the ISS on behalf of the UAE.

It is expected that the parties may submit proposals on this november.

The UAE Space Agency was established three years ago. One of the agency’s stated goals is the probe launch to Mars by 2021. The probe will be aimed at researching the atmosphere. The agency from the UAE has already signed a cooperation agreement for the probe creation with the NASA.

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