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Russia and China may cooperate in space industry

Russia and China may cooperate in space industry

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Date : Sep 05, 2017 11:49 AM

Countries previously agreed to exchange information on lunar missions

Dmitry Rogozin, Vice Prime Minister for defense and space industry of the Russian Federation and Wang Yang, Vice Premier of China in Premier Li Keqiang’s Government have discussed the prospects for cooperation in the space, aviation and nuclear industries during the meeting in Volgograd.

«During the first hours of negotiations in Volgograd, Russia and China stated the rapprochement of positions in cooperation in the field of space, aviation and the nuclear industry,» said Dmitry Rogozin on Facebook.

The possibility of cooperation in the study of the Moon was also discussed at the talks. Earlier representatives of the «Glavcosmos» company announced their intention to sign an agreement on the information and technologies exchange with the Chinese National Space Administration. «Glavсosmos» is a Russian launch service provider and subsidiary of the state corporation «Roscosmos».

Moreover, it is known that Russia and China are discussing the possibility of Russia’s participation in the new power units construction at Chinese nuclear power plants.

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