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Russia might be testing weapons against GPS in the Black Sea

Russia might be testing weapons against GPS in the Black Sea

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Date : Aug 16, 2017 10:19 PM

United States Maritime Administration warned of navigational devices malfunctions

According to the US Maritime Administration reports, near the port of Novorossiysk ship masters have fixed malfunctions of devices, based on Global Positioning System (GPS). Some US mass media and lobby organizations report that malfunctions can be caused by Russian equipment.

The US Maritime Administration has published a 2017-005A-GPS report of GPS malfunctions on June 22, 2017 near the Port of Novorossiysk.This incident has not been confirmed. Nevertheless, officials recommended captains to exercise caution. The Administration does not often publish similar reports, for instance, since 2017 there have been six announcements of threats concerning bombs and Somali pirates.

The maritime executive, meanwhile, has published the captain`s correspondence with the US Coast Guard representatives. The publication refers to Dan Howard, president of RNT Fund. The purpose of the fund is to ensure the safe movement of US ships using navigation devices.

After the captain`s request, the US Coast Guard said that the GPS near Novorossiysk is not affected by any cosmic factors and the navigation system is not updated or tested by the US military.

The captain explained that his ship was near Novorossiysk, but GPS pointed to a land point about 53 kilometers from the ship. The seaman claims that similar GPS failures were observed on twenty ships.

The maritime executive reports that navigators indicated that the GPS antenna of the vessel was under water, but devices received signals of equal power from space satellites that are at different distances.

RNT Fund insists on financing and creation of an additional «eLoran» navigation system for US civil and military vessels using ground-based transmitters. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin published a study in March 2017. It confirms the possibility of intercepting control of the vessel with the help of false GPS signals. Any ship, controlled by GPS may be sent after the hack on the wrong track.

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