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Russia will invest €4 million to create a European X-ray laser

Russia will invest €4 million to create a European X-ray laser

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Date : Aug 21, 2017 11:49 AM

The device will become the most powerful source of X-ray radiation in the world

Russia will invest € 4,197 million in the creation of a European X-ray free-electron laser XFEL  in 2017. It is expected, that in the near future with the help of the laser scientists will study chemical and physical processes.

According to the published government document, funds for participation in the laser creation are provided in the budget. The Kurchatov Institute is a partner of European scientific organizations. The XFEL will allow scientists to conduct research on «previously inaccessible to the scientific level in the field of materials science, nanotechnology, chemistry, biology, including the study of viruses at almost the atomic level».

Russia takes second place (26.79%) in the project after Germany. In total, 12 countries participate in the project.

The laser is located in the area between Hamburg and Schönefeld. It is put into operation, although scientific research with the help of it has not yet been carried out. Approximately 60 scientific groups have already applied for participation in the research.

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