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Russian archaeologists have found an unique mummy in Egypt

Russian archaeologists have found an unique mummy in Egypt

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Date : Nov 21, 2017 09:15 AM

Gold leaf on the mask indicates the high rank of the buried

Russian archeologists from the Center for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) have found an untouched wooden sarcophagus, where a mummy with a gilded cardboard mask was preserved. It was found on the territory of Deir el-Banat, archaeological site in Fayum.

The mummy dates from the Greco-Roman period. A blue mask wig is combined with a face made in the sheet gold plating technique. Cardboard plates with the necklace image, goddess with outstretched wings and sons of Horus are fixed on the mummy with bandages.

The mummy to be exhibited in the Egyptian National Museum, Cairo. The data will enable scientists to draw conclusions about the funeral rite development and the religious and cultural identity formation of the inhabitants of Fayum oasis for millennia. Compared with other more modest burials of the necropolis, the find of this and several other mummies with gilded cardboard masks is unusual. The use of gold leaf may indicate a high social status of the buried, so the archaeologists are sure this was a man of high rank.

«This find certainly promotes our general knowledge of the burial rituals of the Greco-Roman period and helps us to restore the ancient people’s view of the afterlife», Galina Belova, Ph.D in History, Director of the Center, noted.

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