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Russian physical scientists developed a new accelerator for wires radiation

Russian physical scientists developed a new accelerator for wires radiation

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Date : Aug 14, 2017 02:17 PM

Installation will improve the thermal stability of cables with polyethylene insulation

Expensive teflon and polypropylene cables may be replaced by cheaper analogs. Scientists of Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP SB RAS) have installed a new accelerator of ELV-series. It will function on Experimental Cable factory in Podolsk. Such accelerators are used to irradiate wires with polyethylene insulation in order to increase their thermal stability.

High heat resistance of wires is essential for aircraft industry, shipbuilding and oil-industry. For example, during the power supply of oil-submersible pumps insulation of conventional wires dissolves, while self-supporting insulated wires are oil-resistant and have 120—190ºС (248—374ºF) operational temperature.

Irradiated cables may be resistant to radiation in nuclear industry. Also, accelerators of ELV-series are used for waste-water treatment as an environmental facilities.

Electron-beam energy and beam power are the main characteristics of the accelerator. The more energy, the greater the thickness of insulation can be treated.

And the power of the new accelerator — 50 kW — allows to increase the speed of wires irradiation more than twice.

The average market price of accelerator of ELV-series depends on modification and equal to 30—50 million rubles.


The first accelerator of ELV-series, produced by BINP SB RAS, appeared in the experimental plant of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Cable Industry (now — «Expocable») in 1973. It worked more, than 40 years. In the Soviet Union the technology of radiation modification of polymers was tested there for the first time. According to the data of 1985, the economic effect of using accelerators in the electrical industry exceeded a quarter of a billion rubles, which was comparable to the cost of Academic Town in Novosibirsk.

Currently BINP SB RAS has produced more than 200 industrial accelerators. More than 120 are of ELV-series.

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