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Russian wind farm operates in the Arctic

Russian wind farm operates in the Arctic

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Date : Aug 18, 2017 03:54 PM

Due to the unique control system, the wind turbine does not untwist to the extreme speeds

Russian scientists have invented the energy complex to operate in the Arctic on the basis of the international innovation center «Alternative Energy». After test wind loads only russian wind farm was not broken down.

Evgeny Solomin, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, and Evgeny Sirotkin, researcher from the Center of «Alternative Energy» of the South Ural State University (SUSU) have found a solution to how to withstand the weather conditions of the north. They have developed an electromechanical control system that, if necessary, brakes the wind wheel and prevents the wind turbine from spinning up to the limiting speeds. Therefore, it is possible to avoid rupture of blades and overheating of the electric generator.

The process is fully automated and braking consumes little electricity. This control system has no analogues in the world. It consists of a mechanical and electrical blocks, a programmable microcontroller and a set of sensors for monitoring the current state of RES components.

«The wind farm with such control system can be operated in any hurricane, and without it will fail», — Evgeny Sirotkin explains. The price of this electromechanical system will be only 2-3% of the cost of the whole wind farm, while its service life will be 35 years».

Today, diesel generators are used mostly in the Arctic. They are not intended for year-round operation in harsh conditions, and the cost of energy received reaches 80 rubles per kWh. Whereas, electricity from a low-capacity wind farm (up to 100 kW), will cost only 5-10 rubles per kWh.

The Ural wind farm can provide the work of a radar station or an air defense facility in the Arctic region. The control systems will be produced in SUSU and the find farms — at a large defense enterprise.

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