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Scientists from MISiS found a way to double the spot welding speed

Scientists from MISiS found a way to double the spot welding speed

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Date : Sep 11, 2017 04:20 PM

Speed is achieved due to new semiconductor elements

Researchers from the National University of Science and Technology MISiS have created unique semiconductor elements that allow doubling the impulse frequency of spot welding machine, which are widely used in aviation and automotive industries.

Scientists managed to achieve new characteristics of the most important elements of welding machines — welding diodes. It is possible by changing the structure of silicon crystals on the nanoscale, from which semiconductor devices are made. «MISiS has developed a technology for creating nanoscale recombination centers — atomic “vacancies” — in the monocrystal diode structure. They are formed by controlled atoms displacement in certain layers of a welding diode silicon wafer», the University press service told. To change the structure the researchers bombarded silicon with ions at the accelerator. New diode characteristics allow devices quickly react to a change in current polarity. As a result, it is possible to increase the impulse frequency during welding.

The technology of creating atomic «vacancies»  allows to increase the diode operating frequency with a diameter of 50 mm from 10 kHz to 20 kHz maintaining other characteristics. Welding diodes with such settings surpasses the known world analogues,» the MISiS press service explained.

The University has tested several prototype diodes. In the future, the technology may be used for the other semiconductor devices manufacture, said Peter Lagov, the University representative.

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