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SIRIUS isolation experiment starts in Moscow

SIRIUS isolation experiment starts in Moscow

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Date : Nov 07, 2017 06:39 PM

Six members will be in the ship simulator

The isolation experiment Sirius starts at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP RAS). Experts are interested in how much this will affect the behavior, use of space, the general well-being of the crew. Six researchers will be isolated for 17 days at the first stage.

The crew will include three men and three women. The crew members will work under the NASA program together with IBMP RAS.

The experimental conditions assume that the crew will be able to communicate with the control center only by means of video communication with a delay in the signal passage. «The mission is to fly around and remotely survey the planet using the controlled rovers delivered to the planet», the IBMP RAS representative explained.

Among the experiment objectives, is to see how gender parity will affect the relationships and interactions in the group in critical conditions. In addition, The experiment includes an abnormal situation when the crew will have to stay awake and work continuously for 38 hours. Following the experiment results, scientists intend to recommend the cabins optimal location and the arrangement of areas where cosmonauts will work together.

Besides, the scientists plan to study the impact of stressful situations on the well-being of crew members.

Further studies will be scheduled for a longer period.

It is interesting that in October 2015, IBMP carried out the isolation experiment «Luna-2015». During the experiment the crew of six women was in the simulator for eight days.


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