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SIRIUS isolation experiment was successfully completed

SIRIUS isolation experiment was successfully completed

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Date : Nov 24, 2017 05:41 PM

The crew was in the spaceship simulator for more than two weeks

The first of the experiments series during which researchers studied the impact of extreme situations on the crew consisting of women and men was finished in the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP RAS).

The crew of three women and three men was in the spacecraft simulator for 17 days. According to the Institute representative, the flight simulation program was successfully completed.

The reactions of crew members to prolonged absence of sleep were also studied during the experiment. During one of the stages, astronauts performing various tasks were awake for 36 hours. According to the crew journal, the main research purpose was to test the reactions to the performance of monotonous tasks and complex problems with the irritating factors in a spaceship.

The study was conducted by Russian scientists and NASA. The simulator consists of two sections with a volume of 150 and 100 cubic meters. The experiment simulated an interplanetary flight and being in orbit around the planet, during which the astronauts remotely controlled the apparatus on the planet surface.

«For washing we use wet towels and napkins impregnated with a special solution. Since physical training in this experiment is not provided, it is tolerable» — wrote one of the participants in the diary.

In the future, the simulator will carry out studies lasting about four months and a year, said the Institute representative.

It is interesting that in October 2015, IBMP carried out the isolation experiment «Luna-2015». During the experiment the crew of six women was in the simulator for eight days.

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