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Smartphones will be provided with protection based on behavioral biometrics

Smartphones will be provided with protection based on behavioral biometrics

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Date : Nov 17, 2017 01:05 PM

The new method is more reliable than protection based on passwords or fingerprints

Researchers from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI have come up with how to ensure continuous authentication of mobile device users based on behavioral biometrics. Russian scientists believe that the new method will provide reliable protection for smartphones in comparison with protection based on passwords or fingerprints.

There is no need to use a digital or pattern key now. The system based on behavioral biometrics continuously monitors individual parameters peculiar to a person when handling a device. It identifies the slightest features, even how exactly the phone owner used to keep it in his hand. An unique style of handling the phone allows one to determine whether owner or stranger use it.

«The scientific novelty of the project is that the technologies of data analysis, machine learning and artificial neural networks for the first time were used in order to ensure the continual authentication of mobile devices users by their behavioral biometric characteristics. The sensitivity of modern smartphone sensors makes possible to identify the behavioral features of each user and to perform authentication with high accuracy, based on the combination of data coming from the touch screen and other sensors», Konstantin Kogos, the project manager, associate professor of the department Cryptology and Cybersecurity of the MEPhI explained.

It is impossible to lose, stole, copy or imitate behavioral biometric features, therefore, the new technology will be of interest to developers of mobile devices, banking, enterprise applications and messengers that require continuous user authentication.

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