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The ancient cave drawing of a camel is found in the Republic of Bashkortostan

The ancient cave drawing of a camel is found in the Republic of Bashkortostan

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Photo: the MSU

Date : Nov 28, 2017 04:41 PM

The drawing may indicate ways of migration of people in the Upper Paleolithic

During the restoration work in the Kapova cave, scientists found a picture of a camel, made by red ocher and charcoal that the inhabitants of the cave could draw approximately 15 thousand years ago.

The drawing was found by the restorer Edual Guillaume (Andorra), when he was cleaning the walls from the modern graffiti left by the vandals. The panel, which archaeologists first cleared in the 1970s, depicts horses and geometric signs, the Moscow State University (MSU) press service told.

The researchers believe that the artistic features and images location in the cave indicate that the traditions of creating cave sanctuaries came to the Urals from the Franco-Cantabrian archeological region, located in the territory of modern Spain and France. Nevertheless, cave painting developed for a long time in the Urals, and the archaeologists believe that the caves inhabitants have their own traditions.

«The picture of camel has no analogues in the visual complexes in the caves of France and Spain», the MSU press service told.

The isotopic analysis shows that the image was drawn on the cave wall 15,000-37,700 years ago. As now, in the Upper Paleolithic camels in the Urals did not live. The drawing may indicate the way people migrate and the transfer of knowledge in the Upper Paleolithic, the researchers say.

«This camel confirms the theory of the Volga-Caspian communication between people who organized the sanctuary in the Kapova Cave. This direction is interesting from the point of view of the possible way of traditions spreading the creating cave sanctuaries with wall images. For instance, the Carpathian caves with wall images of the Ice Age», one of the researchers explained.

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