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The «RITM-200» nuclear reactor for «SIBERIA» icebreaker has been sent to The Baltic Shipyard

The «RITM-200» nuclear reactor for «SIBERIA» icebreaker has been sent to The Baltic Shipyard

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Date : Sep 19, 2017 02:43 PM

The icebreaker can conduct caravans of ships punching ice up to three meters thick

Atomenergomash, the mechanical engineering division of Rosatom, have completed the manufacture of the «RITM-200» reactor for the «Siberia» icebreaker. The reactor plant has already been sent to St. Petersburg.

This is the newest reactor facility for the icebreaking fleet. It includes two thermal reactors each of 175 MW. A unique integrated layout ensures the placement of the main equipment directly inside the steam-generating unit casing. Due to this, it is twice as little, one and a half times more compact and 25 MW more powerful than the existing reactor installations. The «RITM-200» unique technical characteristics provide a double draft of vessels, that allows icebreakers to work both in the offshore zone and at shallow depths of Siberian rivers.

The service life of the reactors is 40 years. As a nuclear fuel, a cassette-type active zone with low enrichment of uranium-235 is used. The fuel refill occurs once in seven years. The diesel icebreaker would have to spend 540 thousand tons of arctic diesel during the same time. And one Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) of a similar capacity would expend 1 million tons of coal to provide energy to a city with a population of 30,000.

Atomenergomash enterprises provide a complete production chain for the development of the «RITM-200» nuclear reactor — from the design and production of blanks to the manufacture and installation of equipment. At present, the second reactor of «RITM-200» is being completed. The shipment will take place at the end of September. Then the «Siberia» icebreaker will be launched. LK-60Ya-class icebreakers will be the largest and most powerful in the world. They will be able to conduct caravans of ships in arctic conditions punching ice up to three meters thick.

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