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The world’s first Nuclear Power Plant will become a museum

The world’s first Nuclear Power Plant will become a museum

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Date : Sep 28, 2017 09:47 PM

The interactive exposition will include a visit to minus marks

75 years ago, the USSR State Committee for Defense issued an order «On the organization of work on uranium» on September, 28 1942. This was the starting point of the Soviet atomic project.

The Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) was the first grid-connected in the world. A turbogenerator was started at NPP in Obninsk, the Kaluga region on June 26, 1954. The plant began supplying electricity to the «Mosenergo» network on June 27.

The first NPP launch was of strategic importance — the power of the Obninsk NPP was only 5 MW, but it became a unique experimental base for the latest developments, which were conducted highly classified.

In order not to draw attention from the air, the buildings and the laboratory of the nuclear power plant were built like a civil building, in the Stalin Empire style. Foreign specialists took part in the birth of the facility, because after the end of the war, there were lack of domestic scientists. «Foreigners were not involved in key tasks, but they were valued as scrupulous accountants. Also, they were trusted calculations and secondary side tasks,» Inna Mokhireva, head of the museum group of the industry memorial complex «The world’s first nuclear power plant» told.

The reactor of the plant was drowned out on April 29, 2002. The Obninsk NPP was being closed down during 13 years. The spent fuel was removed from the storage facility by 2008. Dismantling and removal of dangerous equipment was completed by 2015. The Obninsk NPP became a monument to the nuclear industry.

Today, it is planned to create an interactive exposition with visiting minus marks and acquaintance with technological equipment on the NPP basis. Now the facility is in the regional subordination. The «Rosatom» state corporation intends to make the NPP a museum.

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