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Tracker to control electronics by means of eyes is created in «Rostec»

Tracker to control electronics by means of eyes is created in «Rostec»

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Date : Dec 08, 2017 03:40 PM

The device can be applied in science and medicine

«Rostec» presented a prototype of new device that can track the movement of the user’s eyes and connect these movements with a virtual or real environment.

The prototype was created by the Institute of Electronic Control Machines named after Brook, the press service of the corporation told.

The tracker looks like a virtual reality headset, it is equipped with four cameras. Two of them have infrared illumination and follow the movement of the eyes, another pair of cameras fix information on the environment. «The tracker enables the calculation of at least seven of the most common oculomotor behavior metrics», the Rostec representative explained.

The tracker may be used for scientific and medical purposes, in order to study the reactions of a person to visual stressors. In the future, researchers intend to create an algorithm that allows to control the mechanisms with the help of eyes movements.

The device became a basis for the «ADC-01» apparatus intended for people who are unable to speak and move after traumas and the defeat of the nervous system. The virtual menu allows to form words from letters with the help of eyes movements, which are then displayed on the external screen.



«Rostec» is a Russian industrial company consisting of 700 organizations, which also includes 22 direct management companies and 14 holding companies, five of which specialise in the manufacture of civilian products, and nine, in the manufacture of products for the military and industrial sectors. The corporation operates in the following areas: automotive manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing,  engine manufacturing, metallurgy construction; optics, manufacturing of arms and military equipment, etc.

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