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Ural scientists will save humanity from Microwave Ovens radiation

Ural scientists will save humanity from Microwave Ovens radiation

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Date : Nov 01, 2017 07:55 AM

Barium-hexaferrite-based single crystals found a new application

A research by the South Ural State University (SUSU) scientists aims at elaborating a physical-and-chemical background for production of barium-hexaferrite-based single crystals to be further adapted to designation and characteristics of certain microwave electronics devices. A ferrous ion defines the magnetic properties of barium hexaferrite lattice.

«For a “clean” common lattice, ferromagnetic resonance frequency equals 50 GHz. If we replace ferrous ions with manganese ions, this frequency will be decreasing. If we replace ferrum with aluminium, the frequency will be increasing. The possibility of controlling the alteration of resonance frequency allows to use barium hexaferrite in various electronic devices», Svetlana Gudkova, Senior Research Associate at the Crystal Growth Laboratory of «Nanotechnologies» Research and Education Center explained.

Barium hexaferrite has been known to the scientific community since the 50’s, but it was used only as permanent magnet back then. It turned out that the modified barium hexaferrite may be used as an absorber of radiation from devices operated at various frequencies, and vice versa as a source of high-frequency signals. The application field is very broad: from the military-and-industrial sector to radio engineering and electronics. Besides, the material itself may be manufactured either in the form of powder coating, or in the form of separate parts of devices.

Scientists believe that using modified barium hexaferrite it is possible to make all equipment literally «invisible» for radiation. Researchers can reduce exposure of human body to radiation from microwave ovens by designing, for instance, some protective screen or a protective polymer cover panel manufactured with the use of single-crystalline materials. Moreover, adding of powdered modified barium hexaferrite into the roof coating composition could protect the population against radiation exposure from cellular towers installed on their roofs.

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